Bodor P3015 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine View full category

ID : PL-210414114448
Brand : Bodor
Model : P-Series 3015
Year Of Manufacture : 2020
Description : Bodor Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Model P3015 Capacity 4,000W

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4000 W
120.00 inch
60.00 inch

Bodor Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Model  : P-Series 3015

Installed in 2021.


Technical Specifications (Subject to verification)

Basic parameters        

Working area                                                  60” x 120”

(equipped with Exchange platform)

Table load bearing                                          900kg

Laser Source Capacity                                    4000W

Optical system Laser source                            MAX Photonics

Z axis travel                                                    315mm (12.4”)

Fastest exchange time of platforms                10s

Max. linkage speed                                         140m/min

Max. acceleration                                            1.5G

Positioning accuracy                                       0.03mm

Repositioning accuracy                                   0.02mm

Total power capacity/current                          37.4KW/70.4 A

Electrical input                                               380V, 3Ph, 60 Hz


Features and functions

·         Control system: Bodor Pro 2.0

·         Laser head: Bodor Genius Head

·         Automatic focusing function of laser head.  

·         Multi-stage perforation Technology  

·         Smooth Cutting Technology  

·         Anti-slag protection function of double cyclones      

·         Machine bed: Cast iron bed

·         Servo motors and drives                                 Yaskawa (Japan)

·         Display size     21.5 inches (Newer Version)

·         Display function         Touch function

·         WIFI wireless control

·         Process monitoring