Rise Tek Inc., an Ontario, Canada Corporation with office in Brampton, Ontario was formed in Mid 2004 with a strategic focus in trading of CNC and manual machine tools. We have expertise in sourcing of good quality used machinery from all over North America and Europe for users and dealers at prices that are cost effective. Our Speciality grew in the field of complete Relocation of CNC Heavy Duty Boring Mills (Table Type and Floor Type), CNC Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC and Conventional Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL), CNC Heavy Duty Lathes and Turning Centers etc.

Core Competency

Rise Tek Inc is a technology services provider focused in the trade and evaluation of metalworking and plastics machine tools used in heavy industrial applications. The company trades idle assets worldwide for reutilization in a broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer products, leisure and sporting goods, construction, electronics, food, healthcare, and telecom manufacturing.

Key Personnel

Kulwant Chalotra has more than 20-years background in the industrial machine tool business. He has spent time in Asia, Europe and North America, working with major manufacturing concerns on both the acquisition, relocation and disposition oftheir machine tools and related plant equipment. As a Tool & Die Engineer he has a thorough knowledge of applications of machine tools in the industry and understand well the core need of ever customer.