Rise Tek Inc. is the Authorized Dealers for the BendMak Fabricating Machines

BENDMAK, has gained a strong reputation of high quality manufacturing of metal bending machines. BENDMAK was founded in Bursa, Turkey in 2008 and established a factory among the world's leading brands in the Akçalar Industrial Zone. Over the years BENDMAK has won the trust of their customers with machines proving it a success not only in BENDMAK Production but in their customers manufacturing successes as well.

BENDMAK’s manufacturing plant, with its staff of 225 employees consisting of highly skilled engineers, master machine builders, workers and management, all of whom are specialists in their field, and an impressive production plant that is over 32,000 Square Feet and is packed with cutting edge technology, producing high-quality Plate Rolls, Angle Bending Rolls, Pipe-Bending, Plate Processing, Positioning and Welding machinery.

BENDMAK and it’s partner BENDMAKUSA is going full steam ahead to meet the demands of our customers through the machinery and service offered. These efforts and more importantly, your results will prove us to be the dominant manufacturer of choice in machine tools.