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Automatic nozzle changer

The machine changes its nozzle within 35s at the fastest speed - this saves 50% of time costs.

Bodor Genius

Bodor Laser Head:

Carrying a wide focus range for cutting various materials

Sharp-pointed Laser Head:

Made for diminishing tail materials, more convenient processing of special-shaped tubes, quicker follow-up response, and no collision.

Four Chucks

No waste of the cutting material, capable of cutting long and heavy tubes. The applicable tube length reaches up to a maximum of 12m and weight up to 1.8 tons.

Tube Bevel Cutting

Thanks to the 3D cutting head, the bevel cutting is suitable for various types of tubes, achieving seamless splicing of tubes.

NC Self-centering Chuck

Precise screw drive helps the chuck control both position and torque at the same time, ensuring clamping accurate without deformation.

Contour Recognition

0.8s of the tube center recognition and automatic tube accuracy compensation, making tube cutting fast and accurate.

BodorNest Tube

Applicable to cutting various tubes.

Bodor Thinker 4.0

Faster response and more faithful accuracy due to the bus control system for laser cutting, an intensive development based on Beckhoff.